Indo American Hybrid Seeds

Indo American Hybrid Seeds

Indo-American Hybrid Seeds (IAHS) is a pioneer and an innovative Indian seed company established at Bangalore, India in 1965. IAHS is at present engaged in the Research and Development (R & D), production and marketing of hybrid seeds of Vegetables, Field crops, Oil seeds, Flower seeds, Ornamental and landscape plants.


IAHS is presently engaged in extensive Research and Development, production and marketing of Hybrid Seeds in Vegetables, Flowers, Agronomic crops like Sunflower, Cotton and Rice, Ornamental plants, Biotechnology products and construction of Greenhouses.


IAHS have a very strong product base with an excellent back up of R& D which has won the National Award for excellence. IAHS have also repeatedly won the APEDA (Agricultural & Processed Food Products Development Authority) Export Award.

Product Range

IAHS has a wide range of products in vegetable crops like Tomato, Hot pepper, Capsicum, Bhendi (Okra), Brinjal (Eggplant), Bittergourd, Bottlegourd, Radish and others. The hybrids are characterized by their quality and high degree of tolerance to insect pests and diseases resulting in better quality crop and higher yields. In Open pollinated vegetable seeds several varieties have been popularized such as Bhendi (Okra), Bittergourd, Bottlegourd, Hot pepper, Onion, Radish, Spinach, Tomato etc.


With the strong R & D backup IAHS have been able to maintain the highest standards of international quality. Our products have yielded excellent results in both domestic and international markets. The sustained performance has enabled IAHS to achieve an excellent brand image and good market share both in India and abroad.